A statement regarding the assault on the RC10 squat in Cracov (EN)

We are shocked by the news that between February 20-23 the RC10 collective has been attacked by a group of four individuals connected with the anarchist milieu. Since the reason for this attack was a suspicion that one of the three from the warsaw3 case, who was at the moment of the attack visiting RC10 collective, has been selling informations to the police, we feel obliged to take a stand. We hope to open a discussion about priorities, loyalties and the methods of solving problems in our movement.

We find it obvious that the acts of aggression such as the one that happened in Cracov deserve condemning, as well as all forms of cooperation with the police and the state’s repressive apparatus. Voluntary support for the repressive forces and feeding them information deserves to be condemned, as it is breaking the rules of solidarity, mutual help and destroys our ability to continue fighting, endangering comrades and exposing them to further repressions. Accusation of being a snitch is one of the harshest that a member of the movement can hear and (as we see from other countries) unfunded with solid evidence can lead to particularly dangerous situations.

At this moment we need to remind you, that the warsaw3 trial has still not began, the case files are classified and any public referring to them (be it proving or disproving the rumors about collaborating with the police) brings penal consequences to all three of the accused.

As a support group, we feel that we have to hold back from commenting until we will have the possibility to read and openly discuss the files. We feel that this attitude is the only logical one in this situation and we call out to all the people, groups and collectives to take a responsible approach to that case. It’s no news, that the gossips and disinformation belongs to the basic tools to brake the resistance movements in the hands of power. We call for restraint from spreading gossips and speculations regarding the warsaw3 case. Spreading gossips leads to suspicions, witch-hunts and again – breaking the solidarity. Let’s not replace the police in breaking the movement nor the courts in ‘delivering justice’. Let’s remain in solidarity in face of growing state repressions. There will be loads of time to evaluate the case and point out mistakes made by those connected to it after the trial.

At the same time we would like to underline, that referring to solidarity and seeking support of the milieu in the face of violence is not equal to snitching. Demanding explanation and proving heavy accusations with evidence is not being an informant. And that is exactly what the RC10 collective was accused of after publishing their statement. We see it as another attempt to silence them.

For the last few months we’ve been observing an increasing wave of speculations and gossip accusations. Their culmination was the February attack on a collective running a social center. An attack committed by people connected to the movement(! ). A big group of people, most of whom had nothing to do with warsaw3 case, fell victims to this attack. The plan of the attackers was evolving fast – from delivering ‘justice’ by violating the collective’s autonomy, to threats about taking the building by force and evicting all the inhabitants. We see this action as a deed that situates the perpetrators outside the anarchist milieu. Their action has nothing to do with freedom or antifascism and is a complete opposition of solidarity. Basing their action on pure force and domination, during the event’s they’ve created they have personified (on the scale that was available to them) exactly what we are trying to fight against. Where will we be and who will we become once we give our consent to that kind of actions? Our group says a loud NO to that kind of actions and encourages others to show solidarity with RC10 collective.

The outcome of the action of those four persons is as follows: the inhabitants of a squat were subjected to violence and subsequently traumatized, the squat was evicted, the three anarchists awaiting trial are endangered with higher sentences and the police is rubbing their hands. Who benefits from that?

The time for silence has passed. If the values that our movement stands for still have any meaning to us, we have to strongly and in unison condemn the assault on RC10. There should be no place among us for those responsible for that attack.

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