Change of charges for The Warsaw 3 ! [ENG]

On the 16th of January in Warsaw, the three suspected people faced another interrogation that took place in the national prosecutor´s office. Each of them was informed about a change of charges. Just to remind what the charges were, initially the three anarchists were suspected for trying to “put into danger life or health of big amount of people or destroying high value property”. This accusation, together with others, threaten them with up to 10 years of absolute deprivation of freedom. Now they are facing accusations of (only) trying to destroy property. This means from 3 months up to 5 years of prison.

2 of the arrested people have less measures of police supervision – before they needed to table at police station every day, now they need to report once per week. The three comrades inferred for changing the rest of conditions of police supervision, such as prohibition to contact each other or other people connected to the case (judge never specified what ¨people connected to the case¨ means), prohibition of changing place of residence and interdiction to leave the country.

The accusations changed after the 4th expertise of the supposed explosive material contained into the plastic bottles. A 15-pages document unquestionably proves that the charges for the three anarchists were incorrect. It abolishes thesis from 3 previous police experts opinions. ¨Experts¨, conscripted by our gorgeous guards of law, leaded that our friends wanted to provoke an explosion of gas in … tanks of the airbags in police vans. The thing is that airbag system doesn’t contain any tank with gas. During collision airbag is filled up with gases rised from burning permanent pyrotechnic material. The 4th expertise disprove the thesis about a possible explosion of gas tank or inflammation of near-by buildings.
The first expertise, dated 25th of May and made by police ¨experts¨, was the main reason to held our friends under arrest, and later on, to maintain them in total isolation for 4 months.

Stop police violence! Stop police impunity! Stop police !

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