Below current chronology of events related to the arrest of three anarchists, and in italics accompanying events that are shaping the media hysteria, helping with the introduction of new anti-terrorism law.

May 23, 2016

According to the police version 3.30, Warsaw, Poland, Włochy district: police arrest of three anarchists. They are accused of possession of explosives and attempting to use them – arson of a police car.

4.20, Warsaw, ROD: 6 undercover cops break into the area of the Radical Allotment Gardens (pl.: ROD), searching the area without a court order, questioning residents, give conflicting reasons for intrusion.

8.00, Warsaw, ROD: 2 uniformed officers demands admission into the ROD, withdraw when asked for a court order

9.20, Warsaw, ROD: 15 uniformed officers gets into the ROD because of one of the neighbors, write down those who are in the ROD, asking questions, they give conflicting reasons for intrusion.

around 12:00, Warsaw: Police searches home of one of the detainees (they comes with him). Our comrade has no visible injuries.

15.00, Warsaw, ROD: 5 police officers interviewing ROD residents, do not give reasons for intrusion.

around 15:00, Warsaw: Police searches the house of next detaine

15.00, Warsaw, Plac Europejski 6: The headquarters of Frontex, the EU border control agency is evacuated due to bomb alarm. At the same time a demo commemorating police murdered of Maxwell Itoya, in 2010, was planned. The demonstration is canceled and the alarm turns out to be false.

around 17:00, Warsaw: Police comes again to the house where they were at 12:00, this time without our comrade.

May 24, 2016

Warsaw, Prosecutor’s office: the first interrogation of detainees in the District Prosecutor’s Office. Marks of beatings and torture are visible on their bodies. The lawyer is at place but he has no possibility of private talk with detainees.

May 25, 2016

Warsaw, District Court: during prosecution session at the District Court, prosecution decided to hold detainees in custody for three months.

15.00, Warsaw: Press conference of the police, the first press articles that quote the words of a police spokesman that such actions “are not far from it, to call them acts of terror.” In the press pictures detained, who has visible marks of beating on his face, is shown only from behind.

18.00, Warsaw, in front of Police Headquarters: press conference and statement of Warsaw anarchist collectives

May 26, 2016

Warsaw: Statement of the Warsaw Anarchist Federation…

May 27, 2016
Poznań: Anarchist Federation sec. Poznań issued a statement on police brutality and arrest activists of the anarchist movement

The whole Poland: Open Letter regarding arrest of three anarchists in Warsaw

Olsztyn, Warsaw: false bomb alarms at the premises of TVP (national TV) and Radio Olsztyn, the editorial office of “Fakt” and “Przegląd Sportowy” newspapers, the seat of the Stock Exchange, the National Council for Radio and Television, TVP Wrocław.

May 28, 2016

9.30, Krakow: 4 police officers house search member of Anarchist Federation section Krakow and activist of the of the Workers’ Initiative Trade Union, who created a facebook event called „Strzeżcie się. Mamy po 2 butelki i karton.” (“Beware. We have 2 bottles and a cardboard”) referring to the arrest of three anarchists in Warsaw. Police claims that he promoted terrorism. Despite the absence of a warrant, police searched a house and took his mobile phone and computer.

May 30, 2016

Warsaw, Gdańsk, Toruń, Opole, Wrocław, Katowice and Kraków: a series of false bomb alarms, among others Katowice: Silesia City Center, customs, treasury Chamber, the Institute of National Remembrance, Prosecutor’s Office, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Katowice branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, offices at Korfantego Street, the seat of TVP Katowice; Krakow: offices on Szczepanski Square, Galeria Kazimierz mall, Tesco at Kapelanka; Gdańsk – District Prosecutor’s Office in Pruszcz Gdanski and a nearby clinic, shopping center “Madison” Shopping Center “Cliff”; Wroclaw: TVP Karkonoska av., tax chamber at Powstańców Śląskich, customs chamber at Herzena; Warsaw: hotels and offices, including the OCCP.

June 2, 2016

Warsaw, ROD policeman at the ROD, with a list of people noted on May 23, interrogating residents. Asked for the cause and the legal basis of intrusion he answers that he will come every week to check if everything is okay.

June 4, 2016

Warsaw: commentary of several anarchists to recent events in Warsaw…/

June 8, 2016

18.00, Wroclaw: picket- against the police state!

June, 14, 2016

Warsaw, First interrogation after change the Prosecutor Office. From now National Prosecutor – Department of the organized crime and the corruption is dealing with the matter

June 18, 2016

Warsaw, Syrena: 2 undercover cops gets into the Syrena squat, they withdraw unmasked by residents

June 20, 2016

Poznań: Stop police violence! Picket at the court

July 2, 2016

Warsaw: Soli-picket with the arrested in front of the prison

July 4, 2016

Three arrested had been moved to the prison in Radom (other city in Poland). It means that they will have problems with the visits. Everyone had a plan to meet with family this week. Now family needs to apply for the visit again.

4.00 am. Biała Podlaska: police entered the area of independent space EŁ4.

July 12, 2016

Central Bureau of Investigation (pol. Centralne Biuro Śledcze) informs about anti-terrorist action which had place in 12 cities in Poland. 14 people in custody, 3 of theme in charge. The accusations are: possession of explosives and drags.